How a Feedback request works:

1. Choose a designer

Pixelfold has some of the best designers in the world. You will easily find a designer that best suits your needs.

2. Send your request

Send the work you want to get feedback on and your notes to guide the designer.

3. Get great feedback

Get constructive suggestions and iterate on your design with the help of great designers

Case Study: Physics Sandbox

Physics Sandbox (PS) is an online blog about "computational physics". The creators of the blog were looking to get a new logo. They had some ideas and wanted to get feedback from a good designer before creating their logo. The PS team decided to use Pixelfold to send a feedback request to Justin Barber a designer of the Pixelfold commmunity. On their first message they started by describing their product and sharing some ideas they had for their logo. They added some hand drawn sketches to the feedback request.

Hand-drawn sketches

When you request feedback from a designer you basically start a feed of private messages between you and the designer. After receiving the first message, Justin gave his first constructive feedback on the ideas for the logo and the first sketches he saw. The PS team went back to the drawing board and sent new sketches:

First iteration on the logos after Justin's feedback

The PS team and Justin exchanged more ideas on what a good logo would look like. After some messages the PS team converged to the final versions of their logo:

Final versions of the logos after using Pixelfold's feedback request

This is an example of what a real feedback request looks like on Pixelfold. In just a few days the PS team went from simple hand drawn sketches to new good looking logo for just $50. Go ahead and choose a designer to ask feedback from. If you have questions contact us at:

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